Briefing regarding the participation in the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum

[EN] Briefing regarding the participation in the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum

On 26.01.2023, ATSEPA participated for the 1st time in the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum together with ATSR and RATCA. The agenda of the meeting included the following topics>

1. Information on the 19th meeting of ANSP Board and Governing Council

2. Priority projects

Free Route Airspace – in this section, there was presented the status of the implementation of FRA in Danube FAB. The SEE FRA (South East Free Route Airspace) project was extended in February 2022 by means of the inclusion of Moldova and the implementation of the cross-border operations between SEE FRA and Baltic FRA. SEE FRA will expand by including FRANCZECH (Czech Republic) starting with 23 February 2023.

InterFAB Coordination – DANUBE FAV hosted on 15-16 September in Sofia, InterFAB Research Workshop, which gathered 100 participants from Europe and America. University professors, industry experts and national authorities attended this workshop and discussed ideas regarding the management of the increased uncertainty in the air traffic management (the management of uncertainties and the resilience of the cybernetic security).

The social partners expressed their interest to continue to be informed and involved in the future InterFAB Reasearch Workshops.

FAB Enlargement- North Macedonia and Moldova, observers in DANUBE FAB did not express the intention to consolidate the cooperation and participation in the DANUBE FAB activities.

3. SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (S3JU)

ROMATSA and BULATSA participate in HORIZON-SESAR-2022-DES-IR-01 with 2 proposals for projects: “ATC-TBO”și ”Network TBO”.

In ATC-TBO, BULATSA and ROMATSA will test and validate in Sofia “Advanced conflict detection and resolution features” provided by Airbus D&S and TESLA. The 2 ANSPs will test and validate in Bucharest “Integrated AI mechanisms” TESLA. Also, ROMATSA and BULATSA will be involved in the EUROCONTROL testing and validation for “2D/#D complex CPDLC clearances”.

In the project Network TBO led by EUROCONTROL, BULATSA, ROMATSA, LEONARDO and INDRA will test and validate “OLDI exchanges between ATSUs via SWIM Yellow Profile”.

The proposed projects are going to be evaluated until February 2023 and the related grants will be signed until the summer of 2023.

The social partners will be informed in relation with the implementation calendar of the proposed projects.

4. CNS Advisory Group

In 2020, High Level Group for the implementation of Single European Sky (European Comission – DG MOVE, EASA, EUROCONTROL, SESAR Joint undertaking, SESAR Deployment Manager, The European Defence Agency) initiated CNS Advisory Group in order to develop recommendations to organise, manage and implement the CNS infrastructure based on ATM Master Plants CNS roadmap. The group was formed of experts (members of High-Level Group from SES and EUROCAE). In 2022, the group size increased including members from CABSO, IATA/EBBA, ACI, Expert Group of the Human Dimension from SES and the representative of Industry Consultation Body team.

Until now, the group provided a report with recommendations for CNS, an action pland and CNS Programme Manager Task.

The CNS action plan takes into consideration the development and management of the implementation of a European evolution plan of CNS with 2 components. The first one is the plan rationalise CNS for the decommissioning of the current infrastructure and reaching the Minimum Operation Network (MON) – an infrastructure conventional level (VHT stations, primary radars, NDB) which must be maintained to complete the main infrastructure (Datalink, GNSS and ADS-B) and to assure robustness. MON must be designed at national level by the member states and consolidated having in mind the rationalising component.

The 2nd component is the CNS implementation plan for the new infrastructure based on ATM Master Plan CNS roadmap, prepared according to the approach based on defined performance.

There was proposed the integration of CNS Evolution Plan in the next Edition of ATM Master plan, being the main reference for ATM innovation in Europe and in the Single European Sky legal framework.

The member states will be responsible to approve at national level the rationalisation plans and will be involved in the approval process of the updates of the European ATM Master Plan.

CNS Evolution Plan will be coordinated by the CNS Programme Manager, nominated by European Commission by the 2 identified candidates as being suitable – NM (Network Manager) or SDM (SESAR Deployment Manager).

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